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June 2017 Newsletter

Enlisting Leaders

We’ve all been there right? Your church or small group needs more leaders. You may have had some leaders depart due to relocation, new job, or maybe they just got burned out. Maybe you need some people to step up and help you shoulder the balance of leading your group; or perhaps you need to start a new group but need that core group of leaders to get it started. Preschool and childhood ministries require a large group of committed volunteers.

Leadership is vital to the success of your ministry. BGCO Leadership Specialist Brett Selby says, “Speed of the leader = speed of the team”. People tend to imitate the leader. Allan Taylor of LifeWay Resources states we enlist most of the problems that we have in our church and our groups. For this very reason, it is critical that leaders of the church’s Sunday School place a high value on enlisting new leaders.

In the links below, you will find links to articles on enlisting leaders by some of ReConnect Sunday School’s top strategists.

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Insights on Enlisting Leaders

Brett Selby – Influencing People to Accomplish a Purpose

Mark Jones – We Need Help Enlisting Leaders

Todd Sanders – A Tough Assignment: Effectively Recruiting Volunteers

Bob Mayfield – 10 Ideas to Help Build Team Ministry in Your Group

Sunday School Directors/Ministers of Education
Bob Mayfield – 7 Ideas to Help Enlist Leaders for Sunday School



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Suggested reading

9 Principles for Enlisting Volunteers, by Bill Emeott, LifeWay

Americans Are Fond of the Bible, Don’t Really Read It, Barna Research

How to Recruit Group Members to Step up and Lead, by Ken Braddy

#Share72 – The Power of a Moment (Engage your group members in evangelism)