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Mindy Caliguire – SoulCare – The Art of Personal Soul Care
Daniel Im – Pastors – No Silver Bullets

Adult Breakout Topics

Steve Gladen – Metrics of Healthy Groups
Doug Dees – Making Disciples in Your Group
Jeff Young – Managing Group Drama (before it manages you)
Heath Tucker – 5 Essential Habits of a Group Leader
Nick Atyia – Essentials for New Group Leaders
DJ Carney – Multiplying Groups in a Small Church
Eric Fletcher – Spiritual Care for Your Group

Children Breakout Topics
Kendra Morgan – Missing Target
Kendra Morgan – Building Faith that will Stick
Sean Sweet – The Quirky and Amazing Preteen Years
Sean Sweet – Letting Go of the Bike
Mark Jones – Fine Tuning your Teacher Super Power
Mark Jones – Guiding a Class without Losing Control

Student Breakout Topics
David Doyle – How to do Follow-Up Really Well
Zac Workun – Safety and Security in Ministry While Being Relational