Taking Inventory: Personal Spiritual Evaluation as a Youth Worker

When I was a kid I had Star Wars toys. I had a lot of Star Wars toys. It was a passion bordering on obsession. It was my world. It was important to me. It was a daily goal to be immersed in the Star Wars world (Okay, truth is I still have Star Wars toys, but that’s a different conversation). In putting away my toys every day, I would constantly survey the condition of my toys. With painstaking care I would make sure that each figure was tucked perfectly into their slot on my Darth Vader head-shaped case with their weapons each accounted for before being placed into the accessories receptacle. To this day I could open that case and tell you how to fit R2 with The Emperor neatly together or how R5-D4 the Power (Gonk) Droid could share a space with the Jawa, maximizing the full capacity of the case.

This is how we need to approach our spiritual lives as youth workers. As you lead, it is important to always guard your own life and spiritual development, to know where you are in your spiritual relationship, to take inventory of your life before the Lord.

Here are three areas of your life of which you must constantly take inventory:


Are you regularly in the word of God?

Are you seeking to develop daily habits of time with God and in His word?

Are you growing in knowledge in and obedience to the word of God?

Are you memorizing scripture?

Focal spiritual disciples: Devotional time, Bible study, scripture memory

How could you spend more time in and grow in your desire for Truth?


Is your life consistent with what you say you believe?

Are you siding with Jesus throughout every day?

Are you applying the cross to your everyday?

Are you a good example of Christ which students can imitate?

Are you connected in the life of the body of Christ?

Is there sin you need to confess?

Is there a relationship that needs healing?

Focal spiritual disciples: confession, obedience, witness, involvement in the church

How can you walk on deeper obedience to the Lord?


Are you seeking the Lord’s direction in your life?

Are you acting on what you hear the Lord saying in His word?

Are you listening to and living what the Lord desires?

Are you giving yourself in service?

Are you taking the road to comfort or letting the Lord place you in uneasy, Gospel-advancing opportunities.

Focal spiritual disciples: Prayer, solitude, service, sacrifice

How might you expand God’s will over yours?

So, what’s the condition of your walk? Is everything accounted for? Are all the parts in place? Are you keeping track of the pieces? By examining your life in this way, you will be able to know how the disciplines fit together in your spiritual case and know what weapons you have in your arsenal as you face the onslaught of your everyday.

by Todd Sanders