A Message From BGCO President Nick Garland

nick garland

Dear Pastor:

What is the last thing your church did that was truly “God-sized” or “Kingdom-sized” in its scope and impact?   Hopefully, you did not have to think about that answer very long.  This fall, all of us will have a great opportunity to be “Kingdom” focused.  I want to invite you to join hundreds of Oklahoma Baptists to reach out to our unchurched neighbors in a way we have not done collectively in a long time.  We want to move back to the future!

Sunday school is the backbone of every church.  It is the heartbeat for evangelism, ministry, mission service, stewardship development, leadership recruitment, and fellowship. Baptists were at our best when SS was continually promoted in church.  Involving people in small groups is the key to retention of new members, accountability of church attendance, and maturing believers.

This fall, the BGCO will be engaging our Oklahoma Baptist churches with the practical SS strategy called START.  Those churches that embrace the START strategy will be entering a ten-week campaign that will provide growth for every size church.  The START emphasis will focus on starting new units in the SS, training and encouraging all members in evangelism, praying for unchurched friends and inviting them to SS, and reaching out to the community around the church during the ten week strategy implementation.

By uniting across the state and encouraging every church to participate, the entire state during the ten weeks could be visited and enlisted to come to a Baptist church’s SS.  How great is that!  Baptists have always rallied when it was most urgent.  Our culture is sick.  Our country is sin-sick.  Our churches have the answer. Christ is the cure for sin!

This should be our finest hour and the greatest harvest is just ahead of us.  Let’s join hearts and do what the old hymn we used to sing admonished us to do, “Rescue the perishing, care for the dying…..weep o’er the erring one, lift up the fallen.  Tell them of Jesus the mighty to save!”  That is, indeed, Kingdom-sized business!   Your community is dying for someone to care!  You do!  Let them know!!!


Nick Garland

Senior Pastor, First Baptist Church Broken Arrow