10 Reasons to Consider ReConnectSS for Online Training

220px-OK-10_scenicIf you follow me on Twitter, or just about anyone else at the BGCO, you have been seeing a lot of activity about the new online website that the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma has developed for the specific purpose of training Sunday School and Small Group leaders. We are excited about this new website, and it officially launches on Monday morning, October 14.

With the launch just a few days away, let me share 10 reasons why you and your church should consider using the ReConnectSS website as part of your church’s training strategy for your Sunday School and Small Group Leaders.

1) Cost Well, actually there is no cost. Through the contributions of Oklahoma Southern Baptists to the Cooperative Program, the training available to your leaders through the ReConnectSS website is available to you at no charge.

2) Focused content The new ReConnectSS website is focused specifically on Sunday School and Small Groups leaders. You and your other church leaders are not going to get lost on this website. Because of its singular focus, ReConnectSS is able to provide specific training content.

3) It’s Southern Baptist The training courses at ReConnectSS are all from Southern Baptists and are focused on Southern Baptists. We do not mind if someone that is not a Southern Baptist (or is not from Oklahoma) wants to use ReConnectSS to help train their small group leaders. But we also recognize our audience, and our primary audience is Oklahoma Southern Baptists. This means that our content will be fully aligned with the Baptist Faith and Message (2000). It also means that when you hear a reference to OU or OSU, we are not talking about Oregon or Ohio State!!

4) Quality The courses available on ReConnectSS are high quality in technology and in content.

5) Practical The people and the content of ReConnectSS training courses are practitioners. BGCO leaders that produce content also serve as interim pastors, educators, youth ministers, and childhood leaders. Other leaders you will find on the ReConnectSS website have practical ministry experience.

6) Ease of use From the first moment you land on the site, you are directed to your next step. (Hint: Step One is to register on the site). Registering gives you a personal profile where you can see what courses you have taken, what badges you have earned, and also recommendations.

7) Church friendly A pastor, Sunday School director, or other Sunday School leader can recommend courses and/or badges that they would like all of their leaders to take. This feature provides a unique opportunity for leaders to participate in the training on their schedule, but also be able to share and go even deeper at leadership meetings at the church.

8) We are putting “Fun” into Sunday School training. Our badging system is fun! I mean seriously, who can resist participating in the “Arthur Flake is My Homeboy” badge!! What childhood leader would not want the “Kid Genius” badge? Why not learn and have fun at the same time.

9) Technology People today have massive amounts of technology at their fingertips. You can go online to ReConnectSS from a computer, notebook, or smart phone. The website is designed for use with whatever online device you may have.

10) Online and On-Demand Instead of traveling hundreds of miles to an event and spending hundreds of dollars, a church can equip their Sunday School and Small Group leaders for free using the technology that their people already have in their hand. Leaders can participate and get training while waiting in the doctor’s office, during their lunch break at work, or in the middle of the night while battling insomnia!!

We think that you are going to like the new ReConnectSS training website. If you have any questions or comments, leave them below and I’ll get back to you…